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About us


The values of the faculty are education, clinical service and research. Our students can gain good knowledge of pathologies of different organs in the human body, the etiology, pathogenesis mechanisms and pathological changes. Our students will become the bridge between basic and clinical medicine. The faculty will provide students a good foundation to enter the clinical world. 


The faculty was established in April 1987, the same time when Chang Gung Medical School was established. Professor Tseng-Tong Kuo, who returned to Taiwan from the USA, was appointed the director of the faculty. He received his bachelor degree of medicine at the National Taiwan University and his PhD in Microbiology at Stanford University, the USA. He is an excellent scholar with great experiences in academia and research. He coordinated education programs, hired professional lecturers, established the pathological laboratory to implement faculty’s educational ideals, and effectively invested in education hardware and software, and research equipment with the subsidies received from the Ministry of Education. Professor Kuo retired in February 2003, and was succeeded by Professor Chien-Feng Sun. Professor Sun is an expert in anatomical pathology and clinical pathology, who had contributed significant research outputs. He believed in and coordinated education program which integrated both anatomical pathology and clinical pathology, and helped promoting the students’ overall performance. Professor Sun retired in February 2017, and was succeeded by Associate Professor Wen-Yu Chuang. Associated Professor Chuang studied hematopathology at Universität Würzburg, Germany. He wishes to provide better education while inspiring students’ interest in pathological research.



The faculty introduces the pathological changes and disease mechanisms to students, providing them a foundation in their clinical study, and further their clinical medicine development. Pre-requisites to our course include anatomy, tissue physiology and microbiology and immunology, which will help students understand the diseases. Hence our faculty is positioned between basic and clinical medicine, and provides the foundation to aid students entering into the clinical world. Besides learning in the lectures, students can also become familiar with the actual pathological changes by our macroscopic specimens and microscopic tissue section slides. Students finishing our course are expected to have a basic understanding of diseases, which will help them in differential diagnosis in the clinical setting, and have skills such as interpretation of x-ray and ultrasound images, which will help them to observe macroscopic changes of diseases and conducting physical examination. The course is delivered by a main lecturer who provides preliminary explanation, and a tutor who provides closer supervision. Case studies are conducted in groups of 10 students, each group led by a main tutor. Students also have access to various domestic and international pathological websites to search for literature, research articles and case reports. Students are encouraged to acquire new knowledge from the internet in addition to their basic study.


Future Prospect:

The faculty has achieved the goal of providing students an understanding and skills to apply in future work. Henceforth, the faculty will continue to improve software and hardware in teaching expertise, equipment and education, cultivate independent thinking, and aim to become a unique faculty that promotes medical knowledge.


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