Honor & Awards

Hsuan-Ying Huang_ Clinical professor


  1. Convener of bone and soft tissue pathology study groupof Taiwan socitey of Pathology
  1. Counselors of Taiwan Society of Pathology (2011~2025)
  1. Co-convener of the 2011 (Taipei, Taiwan), 2013 (Busan, Korea), and 2021 (Fukuoka, Japan) Asia-Pacific IAP congress, bone and soft tissue session
  1. Key opinion leader on behalf of Taiwan, 1st Asian-pacific sarcoma pathology preceptorship in Singapore (2017)
  1. WHO Classification of Tumors, Pathology &Genetics Tumors of Soft tissue and Bone (2013, 4th ed; 2020, 5th ed.) and Skin (2022, 5th ed.): responsible author for myxofibrosarcoma
  1. Editorial board member of Human Pathology (SCI, 2019~present)
  1. Book chapter: osteocartilaginous tumors in the 2nd ed. of bone and soft tissue pathology (Elsevier)


  1. Wu Da-You Memorial Award of the National Science Council of the Executive Yuan


  1. Ye Shu Foundation Best Paper Award of Taiwan Pathological Society


  1. "National Biotechnology and Medical Quality Bronze Award": Deciphering complex and rare tumor groups - navigating connective tissue pathology  



Jim-Ray Chen_ Clinical associate professor

Professor Shu Yeh Memorial Best Research Paper Award



Wen-Yu Chuang_ Clinical associate professor

Research papers of artificial intelligence in pathology:

  1. Successful identification of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in nasopharyngeal biopsies using deep learning.


  1. Identification of nodal micrometastasis in colorectal cancer using deep learning on annotation-free whole-slide images.


  1. Deep learning-based nuclear morphometry reveals an independent prognostic factor in mantle cell lymphoma.



Ren-Chin Wu_ Clinical associate professor

Professor Shu Yeh Memorial Best Research Paper Award

Comprehensive genomic profiling reveals ubiquitous KRAS mutations and frequent PIK3CA mutations in ovarian seromucinous borderline tumor