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1. Ischemia (small intestine) (S2001-13116)

2. Myocardial infarction (myocardium) (S1994-12557)

3. Infarction (testis) (S1993-4181)

4. Coagulative necrosis (skin) (S1993-26869)

5. Liquefactive necrosis (brain) (S1999-5669)

6. Liquefactive necrosis (liver) (K1997-2952)

7. Gangrenous necrosis (foot) (S2001-11950B)

8. Fat necrosis (pancreas) (S1993-9152)

9. Caseous necrosis (lung) (S1993-33910)

10. Hyperplasia (endometrium) (S1993-6080B1)

11. Atrophy (endometrium) (S1994-19688B2)

12. Tubular atrophy, Intestinal metaplasia (kidney) (S1991-515A3)

13. Squamous metaplasia (cervix) (S1999-23085)

14. Fatty change (liver) (K2000-640)

15. Xanthelasma (eyelid) (S1994-5876)

16. Cholesterolosis (gallbladder) (S1997-40471)

17. Cholestasis (liver) (S1997-35844)

18. Melanosis coli (colon) (S1992-23842)

19. Calcinosis Cutis (scrotum) (S1992-3927)

20. Myxoid degeneration (cardiac valve) (S1993-17698)

21. Hyaline degeneration (leiomyoma) (S1995-6416)

22. Intradermal nevus (skin) (S1999-50328)

23. Lymphoid hyperplasia (lymph node) (S1999-15879F)

24. Hemochromatosis (liver) (S1999-31128E)

25. Fat necrosis (S2000-22221)

26. Coagulation necrosis (skeletal muscle) (S2000-4817)

27. Tuberculosis with caseous necrosis (S2001-35014T1)

28. Normal appendix (S2001-52465)

29. Acute appendicitis (S2001-3758)

30. Gastric ulcer (stomach) (S2000-19508U1)

31. Graunlation tissue (vagina) (S1999-76812)

32. Keloid (skin) (S1999-56601)

33. Acute cholecystitis with lithiasis (gallbladder) (S1994-63138)

34. Chronic cholecystitits (gallbladder) (S2000-53039A)

35. Abscess formation (leg) (S2000-2257B1)

36. Cryptoccocal infection (skin) (S1987-3010A)

☆ 37. Cryptoccocal infection--GMS stain (S1987-3010A)

☆ 38. Cryptoccocal infection--Mucicarmine stain (S1987-3010A)

39. Mucormycosis (nasal mucosa) (S1997-84073)

☆ 40. Mucormycosis (nasal mucosa)--GMS stain (S1997-84073)

41. Aspergillus (nasal mucosa) (S1991-21396)

☆ 42. Aspergillus (nasal mucosa)--GMS stain (S1991-21396)

43. Lepromatous leprosy (skin) (S2001-18702)

☆ 44. Lepromatous leprosy (skin)--Fite stain (S2001-18702)

45. Atherosclerosis (aorta) (A1997-6AO)

46. Atherosclerosis (aorta) (A1998-35AO)

47. Hypertrophy, hemorrhage, rejection (heart) (A1994-62H1)

48. Hypertrophy, necrosis, rejection (heart) (A1994-62H6)

49. Fresh and recent mycardial infarction (heart) (A1995-23H1)

50. Hypertrophy, rejection, vasculitils (heart) (A1997-22RH)

51. Hypertrophy, rejection, vasculitils (heart) (A1997-22RH)

52. Mycotic pericarditis (heart) (A1997-11H2)

53. Hemorrhoids, thrombosis (anorectum) (GS2000-6055)

54. Myxoma (heart) (GS-1999-13333A4)

55. Mucinous cystasenoma (appendix) (S2001-29992)

56. Hemorrhoids (anorectum) (S2001-27476)

57. Ulcer, bleeding (stomach) (S2001-32724A1)

58. Chronic active gastritis, helicobacter related (stomach) (S2001-37047)

59. Peutz-Jeghers polyp (small intestine) (S1995-62513A)

60. Peutz-Jeghers polyp (small intestine) (S1995-35301B)

61. GIST(neural type), metastatic adenocarcinoma (small intestine) (S2001-29485A)

62. GIST (stomach) (S2000-18398T4)

63. Lipoma (colon) (S2001-33489T1)

64. Mucinous adenocarcinoma (colon) (S1991-49455T1)

65. Mucinous adenocarcinoma (colon) (S2001-22819A1)

66. Malignant lymphoma (colon) (S2000-103029T3)

67. Pseudomembranous colitis (colon) (S2001-33580)

68. Adenocarcinoam (colon) (S2000-47650T2)

69. Adenocarcinoma (pancreatic) with perineural invasion (S2001-36758B)

70. Mucinous adenocarcinoma with lymph node metastasis (colon) (S2001-36669T1)

71. Adenomatous (villoglandular) polyp with severe dysplasia (colon) (S2001-40111C1)

72. Adenomatous (villoglandular) polyp (colon) (S2001-40111P5)

73. Adenomatous (villoglandular) polyp (colon) (S2001-40871P7)

74. Cholesterolosis(gallbladder) (S2001-53451A)

75. Adenocarcinoma arising from villous adenoma (colon) (S2001-60923)

76. Schistosomiasis (large intestine) (K1993-8220DM)

77. Hepatoblastoma (liver) (S2008-23371)

78. Cirrhosis with marked inflammatory activity, HBV (liver) (S2000-80309E)

79. Hepatocellular carcinoma, HCV (liver) (S2001-57019T1)

80. Hepatocellular carcinoma, cirrhosis (liver) (S2001-55120T4)

81. Hepatolithiasis (liver) (S2000-43149R2)

82. Cholangio-carcinoma (S2001-16763T4)

83. Adenocarcinoma (gallbladder) (S2001-39258A)

84. Chronic cholecystitis (gallbladder) (S2001-56513B)

85. Cholestasis (liver) (S2001-55904A)

86. Pituitary adenoma (S2001-8139)

87. Craniopharyngioma (S2000-1929)

88. Hashimoto thyroiditis (S2000-45445)

89. Granulomatous thyroiditis (S2000-30720fs)

90. Graves disease (S2001-10476)

91. Nodular goiter (S2006-56656X3)

92. Follicular adenoma (thyroid) (S2001-5627X4)

93. HUrthle cell adenoma (thyroid) (S1998-33263)

94. Papillary carcinoma (thyroid) (S2001-6651)

95. Follicular carcinoma (thyroid) (S1999-36044B1)

96. Medullary carcinoma (thyroid) (S1999-320X3)

97. Anaplastic carcinoma (thyroid) (S1994-29653)

98. Parathyroid adenoma (S2000-23158)

99. Parathyroid hyperplasia (S2001-2123Fs1)

100. Thyroglossal duct cyst (S1999-25335)

101. Adrenal cortical adenoma (S2000-19982)

102. Pheochromocytoma (adrenal gland) (S2001-7883)

103. Paraganglioma (para-lumbar spine region) (S2000-22137)

104. Neuroblastoma (S1998-19221X)

105. Small cell carcinoma (lung) (S1999-81564T3)

106. Bronchopneumonia (lung) (S1999-95715R2)

107. Bulla (lung) (S2000-66438)

108. Squamous cell carcinoma (lung) (S2001-44589T2)

109. Squamous cell carcinoma (lung) (S2001-44589T3)

110. Squamous cell carcinoma (lung) (S2001-44589L3)

111. Adenocarcinoma (lung) (S2000-97665T2)

112. Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma, mucinous type (lung) (S2001-47174T7)

113. Bronchiectasis (lung) (S2000-80010M)

114. Endometrial hyperplasia and focal adenocarcinoma (S2006-80637EM2)

115. Chronic interstital nephritis with end stage renal disease (S1997-39300A2)

116. Minimal change nephropathy (kidney) (S2001-20987)

117. Diabetic glomerulosclerosis (kidney) (S2001-15267)

118. Lupus nephritis (kidney) Diffuse proliferative glomerulonephritis (S2001-15712)

119. Renal cell carcinoma (kidney) (S2000-57599T2)

120. Renal cell carcinoma, clear cell type (kidney) (S1997-40723A3)

121. Renal cell carcinoma, clear cell type (kidney) (S2001-33117T1)

122. Papillary transitional cell carcinoma, grade II (kidney) (S1997-37095T5)

123. Acute suppurative inflammation (kidney) (S1999-95831B1)

124. Xanythogranulomatous inflammation (kidney) (S2000-3086K1)

125. Chronic pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis (kidney) (S2001-41283R3)

126. Acute and chronic pyelonephritis (kidney) (S2001-28316C)

127. Well differentiated keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma (urinary bladder) (S1998-16554T3)

128. Yolk sac tumor (testis) (S1988-8081)

129. Mature cystic teratoma (testis) (S2000-23983B)

130. Seminoma (testis) (S2001-4340X2)

131. Poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma (penis) (S2001-23964T3)

132. Nodular hyperplasa (prostate) (S2000-40967F)

133. Adenocarcinoma (prostate) (S2001-17734PL3)

134. Follicular lympoid hyperplasia (lymph node) (S2001-8809F)

135. Follicular lymphoma, grade I (lymph node) (S2001-31976F3)

136. Diffuse large cell lymphoma (lymph node) (S2001-30435B)

137. Hodgkin lymphoma, nodular sclerosis (lymph node) (S2001-31746B2)

138. Lymphoblastic lymphoma (lymph node) (S2000-101382B)

139. Hodgkin lymphoma, mixed cellularity (lymph node) (S2000-38381B)

140. Spindle cell thymoma (thymus) (WHO Type A) (S1991-25631T6)

141. Mixed thymoma (thymus) (WHO Type AB) (S2001-33498T9)

142. B2 thymoma (thymus) (S2001-19383F3)

143. Lymphoid hyperplasia (thymus) (S2000-96630D)

144. Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (koilocytes), low grade (S2001-10556B)

145. Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, high grade (S2001-23401B)

146. Cervical squamous cell carcinoma (S1986-24317C6)

147. Cervical adenocarcinoma (S1994-29587C6)

148. Endometrial adenocarcinoma (S1991-2725E6)

149. Endometrial adenosquamous carcinoma (S1997-36490T2)

150. Ovarian cystadenoma (serous) (S1998-49906B)

151. Ovarian cystadenoma (mucinous ) (S1998-77057)

152. Endometriosis (fallopian tube) (S2001-3677LA1)

153. Endometriosis (intestine) (S1993-37579B)

154. Adenomyosis (S1998-3061EM)

155. Hydatidiform mole (S1993-45626C)

156. Vulva condyloma (S1993-35730A)

157. Ectopic pregnancy (fallopian tube) (K1999-1169A)

158. Fibrocystic change and duct ectasia (breast) (S2008-75943T10)

159. Fibroadenoma (breast) (S1998-89512A)

160. Intraductal & Infiltrating ductal carcinoma (breast) (S1998-39669T3)

161. Invasive ductal carcinoma S/P breast implants (breast) (S1999-95786T3)

162. Lactational changes with mastitis (breast) (S2008-902990)

163. Osteosarcoma (bone) (S1993-54493T2)

164. Chondrosarcoma (bone) (S2001-35303T9)

165. Liposarcoma (soft tissue) (S1997-11420C)

166. Tuberculosis (bone) (S1994-13587A)

167. Fibrous histiocytoma (soft tissue) (S1994-21794)

168. Malignant fibrous histiocytoma (soft tissue) (S1999-55413T3)

169. Undifferentiated carcinoma (nasopharynax) (S2000-82870)

170. Well differentiated squanous cell carcinoma (tongue) (S2001-2138T4)

171. Angiofibroma (nasopharynx) (S2000-92520B)

172. Pleomorhphic adenoma (salivary gland) (S2001-31426A)

173. Warthin's tumor (salivary gland) (S2001-11355A)

174. Mucoepidermoid carcinoma (Parotid gland) (S2004T-11366)

175. Acinic cell carcinoma (salivary gland) (S2000-24974T2)

176. Retinoblastoma (eye ball) (S2001-19500T3)

177. Malignant melanoma (eye ball) (S1999-5209B)

178. Sebaceous carcinoma (eyelid) (S2001-35372X)

179. Wilms' tumor (kidney) (S2000-46811M)

180. Mature cystic teratoma (sacrum) (S2000-8603G)

181. Hepatoblastoma (liver) (S1992-55066A)

182. Immature teratoma (sacrum) (S1994-13563T7)

183. Cavernous hemangioma (soft tissue) (S2000-81554)

184. Fibrinous pericarditis (pericardium) (S2000-64350)

185. Peripheral neuroectodermal tumor (forearm) (S1993-27951D)

186. Neuroblastoma (adrenal gland) (S1999-38924T6)

187. Ganglioneuroma (post mediastinum) (S2000-96928T5)

188. Basal cell carcinoma (skin) (S2008-65031A)

189. Intradermal melanocytic nervus (skin) (S2008-66408)

190. Seborrheic keratosis (skin) (S2008-57597)

191. Lichen planus (skin) (S2007-91560)

192. Psoriasis (skin) (S2008-67218)

193. Leukocytoclastic vasculitis (skin) (S2008-64338)

194. Squamous cell carcinoma (skin) (S2008-29570)

195. Acral lentiginous melanoma (skin) (S1993-46919X5)

196. Polycystic disease adult type (kidney) (S1996-17704K1)

197. Transitional cell carcinoma (urinary bladder) (S2001-49931T4)

198. Adenocarcinoma (small intestine) (S2001-69280T3)

199. Herpes simplex virus infection (Skin) (S1992-27829)

200. Normal (bone marrow) (S2001-70765)

201. Hypocellularity (bone marrow) (S1999-75712)

202. Erythroid hypocellularity (bone marrow) (S2001-65884)

203. Myeloid hypocellularity (bone marrow) (S1998-41196)

204. Megaloblastic hematopoiesis (bone marrow) (S2001-67322)

205. Hypercellularity (bone marrow) (S1999-74891)

206. Erythroid hypercellularity (bone marrow) (S1999-73455)

207. Myeloid hypercellularity (bone marrow) (S1999-77299)

208. Eosinophilic hypercellularity (bone marrow) (S2001-64775)

209. Megakaryocytic hypercellularity (bone marrow) (S1999-81704)

210. Acute leukemia (bone marrow) (S2001-60796)

211. Chronic lymphoid leukemia (bone marrow) (S2001-66695)

212. Chronic myeloid leukemia (bone marrow) (S2001-61580)

213. Multiple myeloma (bone marrow) (S2001-61147)

214. Metastatic carcinoma (S2001-59654)

215. Malignant lymphoma involving bone marrow (S1999-81747)

216. Malignant lymphoma involving bone marrow (S1999-71693)

217. Hodgkin's disease involving bone marrow (S1999-68313)

218. Osteosclerosis (bone marrow) (S2001-68214)

219. Acute pancreatitis (pancreas) (S1993-98B2)

220. Islet cell tumor (pancreas) (S2001-6471)

221. Focal nodular hyperplasia (liver) (S2001-36970)

222. Chronic pancreatitis (pancreas) (S2001-5822X)

223. Hepatocellular carcinoma (liver) (S2001-36372)

224. Ductal adenocarcinoma (pancreas) (S2001-38819)

225. Cavernous hemangioma (liver) (S2000-101558T4)

226. Angiosarcoma (skin; scalp) (S2001-44066X4)

227. Signet ring cell carcinoma (S2001-85719T3)

228. Mucinous cystadenocarcinoma (appendix) (S2001-89084T3)

229. Metastatic mucinous cystadenocarcinoma (spleen) (S2001-89085T4)

230. Anus, anal duct carcinoma (mucinous adenocarcinoma) (S1991-36410T3)

231. Appendix, enterobius vermicularis (S1990-15070B)

232. Leiomyoma (small intestine) (S1989-9446T1)

233. Leiomyosarcoma (small intestine) (S1988-10851T1)

234. Squamous cell carcinoma (esophagus) (S1994-18475T2)

235. Ulcerative colitis (large intestine) (S1994-2904R2)

236. Endometriosis (large intestine) (S1997-72573)

237. Schistosomiasis (appendix) (S1998-64513)

238. TB colitis (large intestine) (S1999-13014T4)

239. TB enteritis (small intestine) (S1999-13014T8)

240. Villoglandular polyp (large intestine) (S1999-17596)

241. Diverticulosis (colon) (S2000-29324D2)

242. Varices (esophagus) (S2000-74406)

243. Hyperplastic polyp (Stomach) (S2001-95687A)

244. Signet ring cell carcinoma (Stomach) (S2001-86472T3)

☆245. Hemochromatosis (liver) -- Iron stain (S1999-31128E)

246. Hyaline membrane disease (lung) (A1991-13RP2)

247. Cholesterolosis (gallbladder) (S2001-89938T1)

248. Acute appendicitis (appendix) (S2001-86855)

249. Peutz-Jegher's polyp (large intestine) (S2001-102334)

250. Strongyloides stercoralis (small intestine) (S2001-91750R3)

251. Juvenile polyp (large intestine) (S2001-102415A)

252. Chondroblastoma (bone) (S2007-21696)

253. Atherosclerosis (tibial artery) (S2002-17446X)

254. Chronic hepatitis with cirrhosis and hepatocellular cancer (liver) (S2002-42589D)

255. Atherosclerosis(artery) (S2002-50086A)

256. Consistent with Gaucher's disease (spleen) (S2001-71329A1)

257. Fibromatosis (mesentery) (S2004-03917-1)

258. Myxoid/round liposarcoma (thigh) (S2004-15690-8)

259. Pleomorphic liposarcoma (abdominal wall) (S2000-34230-16)

260. Dedifferentiated liposarcoma (retroperitoneum) (S2003-30394-4)

261. Dedifferentiated liposarcoma (retroperitoneum) (S2003-30394-7)

262. Synovial sarcoma (buttock) (S2003-35872-X1)

263. Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma (paratesticular) (S2003-20580-A7)

264. Intraductal papilloma (breast) (S2008-76345)

265. Neurilemmoma (spinal cord) (S2004-78705)

266. Neurofibroma (skin) (S2004-79408C)

267. Pleomorphic adenoma (parotid gland) (S2005J-2196D-2)

268. Glioblastoma multiform (brain) (S2004-87451X4)

269. Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma, non-mucinous type (lung) (S2003-2940E)

270. Cirrhosis, HBV related (Liver) (S2005-56590R)

271. Clonorchiasis(Gallbladder) (S2001-9823A)

272. Clonorchiasis(Gallbladder) (S2001-9823B)

273. HBV infection, ground glass hepatocyte (Liver) (S2006-59771R)

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